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15 years ago, Art Academy.
The place where founders Carolien Roos and Niek Joanknecht met. Both conceptual, ambitious, and full of ideas and energy. Both a big fan and great critic of each others work, the connection was easily built. In 2014, Carolien opened her company Roos Interior Architecture. Specialized in office design. She created a flexible skin with a team of architect freelancers and specialists.

Whilst having his own company in innovation and finance, Carolien started bothering Niek on a regular basis to join the company. In 2017 there was something called perfect timing. Niek sold his company, and joined Roos Interior Architecture. Their collaboration felt as if they never took another turn and subsequently turned out even better than before due to all their different experiences. Their collaboration became a fact.

Firm architects was created.
Firm is not only about the aesthetics of architecture. Having a background in project management as well enables us to deliver a smooth process for our clients. With strong accuracy we manage budgets and planning. We engage clients in the process and are driven by extraordinary results. The combination of architects and project managers has proven to be a money and time saving asset for our clients.

We are self-starting, self-motivating and self-activating. We keep the ball moving forward. See it as our responsibility to create beyond the expectations of our clients. Brake things down, and build up again. We are fanatics about the quality of space. Having respect for the past, perform in the present and aspire to create the future. We want our work to speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness. Question the status quo, as we don’t believe in boxes. We want to know it all and are lifelong learners.

Because life is not just bread and water. That sense of awe when standing before something man-made, masterful and inexplicably beautiful or grand, that’s a gift we want to give to the world.

LOCATION: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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