Gray Organschi Architecture

Gray Organschi Architecture

About Gray Organschi Architecture

Over the past two decades, Gray Organschi Architecture has developed an award-winning practice that integrates architectural design, low-impact ecologically-conscious construction techniques, building fabrication, and construction management. Broad-reaching and close-range enquiry has informed our philosophy: the technical, physical and economic demands of a project give lasting clarity to the language of its architecture.

Our ongoing research initiative into the use of timber as a sustainable solution to urban construction has demonstrated that the principles serving our natural environment are also those that restore and strengthen our cities and towns, safeguarding resources in urban and rural landscapes alike. Spanning from residential design for private clients to public architecture for contemporary institutions, our firm has purposefully engaged a wide variety of project types. Through the creation of new spaces and the careful adaptation of existing structures, we work to nurture communities while celebrating the individual experiences that form and enrich them.

LOCATION: New Haven, Connecticut, United States

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