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About Klima Architecture

Our project philosophy is rooted in place, from the social aspect that drives multi-generational goals, to our ecological ethos which aims our projects toward the most carbon-efficient design possible. We aim to harness nature both inside and out, by uniquely responding to our mountain and desert environments through responsible designs that grasp its beauty and respect its fragile integrity. We come from a master builder mentality, offering our clients a thorough perspective of the entire building experience. Our work has grown over the years from single-family to multi-family, commercial and craft-making. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality, most efficient and economical projects as possible.

Chris Price
The founder and principal of Klima Architecture. Originally from Northern New Mexico, Chris has always had a deep connection with this wild, fragile planet we call home. He spends his time between the harsh deserts and the lush mountains in and around Utah. Upon receiving his bachelor of arts in Architecture from the University of New Mexico and moving to Utah in 2009, he established Park City Design + Build where he embarked on designing and building more eco-conscious homes in Park City. During his early years of PCD+B, he earned his Masters of Architecture from the University of Utah. Chris is a Licensed Architect, General Contractor, and Passive House Consultant through PHIUS.

LOCATION: San Diego, California, USA
LEARN MORE: klimaarchitecture.com

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