Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Project: Axboe House
Architects: Klima Architecture
Interior Designer: Mette Axboe
Builder: CDR Construction
Location: The Preserve, Park City, Utah
Area: 5846 SF Living , 1446 SF Garage
Photo Credits: Kerri Fukui
Text by Klima Architecture

The Axboe house sits on the north side of the Synderville Basin, Utah, overlooking the greater Park City area and the ski areas beyond. The challenge was to design a home sited naturally, accommodating a family of four, and to create a sense of connection to the mountain environment.

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Working tightly with the clients, who expertly handled the interior finishing and design, we came up with three masses arranged and oriented to create transitional spaces between. Each mass houses either private or public functions, and thus its ceiling heights and proportions mimic that methodology, allowing more airy light-filled spaces in the living and dining while pulling down to more human relationships in the private bed and bathrooms.

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Aesthetically, the Axboe house is perceived as a looking box to the mountain ranges beyond, tapering down its massing to allow for ample outdoor decks and patios that transition to the adjacent spaces. In tune with our firm’s ethos, the home’s energy performance is helped with double stud wall construction, triple pane European windows, orientation and massing per passive solar methods, and an airtight barrier.

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Super Insulated
Minimal Thermal Bridging
Airtight Construction
Triple Pane Windows
Fresh Air Heat Recovery
Minimal Heating and Cooling
Low Flow Fixtures
Efficient Appliances
Passive Heating and Cooling
Low VOC Materials

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

kitchen, Klima Architecture

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

living room, Klima Architecture

staircase, Klima Architecture

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

bedroom, Klima Architecture

bathroom, Klima Architecture

Axboe House by Klima Architecture

Axboe House by Klima Architecture


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