mode:lina™ was founded in Poznań in 2009 by Paweł Garus and Jerzy Woźniak. Both architects were part of Liong Lie/123DV architectural studio in Rotterdam.
mode:lina™ studio became very popular in both Polish and international media. The architects have over 200 publications in trade magazines from all over the world.
LOCATION: Poznań, Poland

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 7

Rusztowanie Bistro / mode:lina™

A burger served on a shovel? Such things only in Rusztowanie bistro, a new culinary spot in Poznań’s Łazarz. Designers from mode:lina™ ensured that the interior design of a basement in an over 100-year old townhouse, is consistent with the name and communication strategy of the restaurant.

Opera Software Office 1

Opera Software Office in Wroclaw / Modelina Architekci

We really had to work for a long time to find a place, which would combine this non-corporate atmosphere, prestigious location along with a piece of history. And here it is! – says Krystian Kolondra, director of Polish agency Opera Software. The designers from mode:lina™ studio have faced a challenge of planning an interior project

Multfunctional Space Brandburg Design Studio and Apartment in 37sqm 4

Multifunctional Space Brandburg / Design Studio and Apartment in 37sqm

Project: Brandburg Home & Studio / multifunctional space Design: mode:lina™ Project Team: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin Completion: August 2016 Location: Poznań, Poland Area: 37 m2 Photos: Patryk Lewiński Brandburg Home & Studio is a multifunctional space project completed in August 2016 by Polish studio mode:lina™. I knew that this would be a perfect

Fence House - a Contemporary Interpretation of the Traditional Style 17

Fence House – a Contemporary Interpretation of the Traditional Style

In Borówiec near Poznań, the Polish studio mode:lina™  has designed the Fence House, a modern interpretation of traditional house. Project description: Form of this house: two blocks with a sloping roof and an asymmetric garage cube, is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional style. It is complemented with simple, raw materials: bricks, concrete and sheet in

Urban Forester House / Modelina Architekci

The owners of the Urban Forester house have resorted to Modelina Architekci company services in order to design and accomplish their dream house. Being in a raw state, having only the concrete structure made, the house had to be divided and decorated according to the owners’ desire. “We like the open spaces, but these should

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