Restaurant Interior DesignRusztowanie Bistro / mode:lina™

Rusztowanie Bistro / mode:lina™

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™

Architects: mode:lina™
Project: Rusztowanie Bistro
Project Team: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Małgorzata Wawrzynek
Location: Poznań, Poland
Size: 50 m2
Year 2018
Photographer: Patryk Lewiński

A burger served on a shovel? Such things only in Rusztowanie bistro, a new culinary spot in Poznań’s Łazarz. Designers from mode:lina™ ensured that the interior design of a basement in an over 100-year old townhouse, is consistent with the name and communication strategy of the restaurant.

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 1

The space is almost fully fitted with ready to use products straight from a building warehouse, such as: construction props arranged as to create openwork partitions, timber used for seats or to decorate the bar, galvanized metal pipes turned into lamps and used in tables, walls finished with concrete lattice paving blocks.

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 2

And all is done in line with the type of food available here – simple dishes served in an unusual way.

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 3

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 4

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 5

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 6

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 7

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 8

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 9

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 10

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 11

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 12

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 13

Rusztowanie Bistro , mode:lina™ 14

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