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Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio was founded in 2000 by Pitsou Kedem after graduating from the AA Architectural association school of architect.

The studio has been operating for two decades and has been planning many and varied projects mainly in Israel, and recently around the world.

The studio lends its language to the modernist style and its work revolves around the period and design values of the modernist movement. In its the early years the studio engaged in constant dialogue and exploration with the core values of minimalism; Reduction, disassembling the building materials, as a process of avoiding irrelevance in order to emphasize the central essence and theme, refinement and search for the essence of space. The process led to a tight, uncompromising architecture in search of absolute truth. This pursuit of simplicity produced sophisticated, accurate and unique results.

Most of the projects were characterized by simple, rectangular, repetitive geometric shapes that give a precise and fastened appearance. The fronts are uniform, monochromatic, devoid of decorations and overly sweeping gestures, with the main reference to light and movement as a basic motif. Through this language there is a sincere attempt to put order in urban chaos.

The studio has been busy in recent years in search of new materialism, a newer thought, an exit outside the boundaries of the seller. After years of abstraction of the materialism in order to avoid any distraction, that created the momentous moments the space user experiences, the studio began adding layers of materials while trial and error, thus creating more enigmatic and elusive building spaces, that cause greater curiosity. Widespread use is made in the research of innovative materials, mainly in building envelopes. In an attempt to deepen the language and cast new content, the studio has in recent years worked with almost contrasting materials such as corten steel and exposed concrete , and thin aluminum, carbon and other innovative materials from the technological industries. The combination of materials and the combination of different languages and sometimes even different design schools created tension and drama in some of the projects.

Today, after 20 years of work, when you can already look back at a relatively broad perspective on the studio’s body of work, it can be noted that many of the projects are characterized by a contrast between simple and clean outward masses, and complex and rich internal sections. In doing so, the studio manages to produce a unique and powerful experience.

The studio is planning projects on various scales. From designing interiors of restaurants, show rooms and living spaces through planning and designing private homes, to large residential and office buildings. In all projects, there is a brainstorming process between team members in an attempt to find the story and main idea that will create the design of the project. From the core of the idea, project’s language evolves. Overall thinking at all levels of planning gives a great deal of depth to the structures, with an emphasis on the context and integration of the structure into the urban fabric.

LOCATION: Tel Aviv, Israel
LEARN MORE: pitsou.com

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