Raleigh Architecture

The Raleigh Architecture Company and The Raleigh Construction Company are two separate companies bound by a passion for modern architecture and high-quality production. Our constant collaboration enables us to engage in design, build, and design-build projects.

As licensed architects and general contractors, we consider designing and making to be the same. This unique position allows us to maximize our clients’ economic means by providing efficient, cost appropriate solutions to design problems that meet each project’s design intent. We are able to successfully exceed standard material and craft expectations through our intimate understanding of each subcontractor’s skill sets, our own fabricator’s abilities, and by employing only makers with an architectural education.

Our names reflect a commitment to our evolving, exciting city and a desire to spread the innovation and creativity found in Raleigh to other parts of the world. We maintain both our office and shop under one roof in Raleigh’s downtown warehouse district where design, wood working, and steel fabrication intersect with our clients’ ideas and experiences to inform each of our projects.

LOCATION: North Carolina
LEARN MORE: raleigh-architecture.com

Powers House by The Raleigh Architecture Company 1

Powers House by Raleigh Architecture

With the home’s location in a busy intersection near downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, privacy was a key component for the design of the Powers house. Recently completed by Raleigh Architecture, the house is located on what was a vacant corner lot. A cast-in-place concrete wall adjoining the house creates a private courtyard that shields the

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