Renée del Gaudio Architecture

Goatbarn Lane House by Renée del Gaudio Architecture

The Goatbarn Lane House is net-zero electric, operating with a 4kW photo-voltaic array located on the roof. High efficiency electric appliances, 100% LED lighting on dimmers

Mariposa Garden House by Renée del Gaudio Architecture

Mariposa Garden House is built on top of an existing, 1940’s concrete foundation. The reuse of this foundation was seen not as a constraint, but as an opportunity.

Cabin in Colorado by Renée del Gaudio Architecture

The word “cabin” conjures up a variety of romantic images — a place to gather family, to rest after a long day in nature, or to warm your hands in front of a fire. Big Cabin | Little Cabin strives to embody the character and sensation of a traditional cabin, and tell the story of one particular family, all within a purely modern framework.

Sunshine Canyon House by Renee del Gaudio Architecture

Sunshine Canyon House is a private residence designed by Renée del Gaudio Architecture, located in Boulder, Colorado, US.