Steffen Welsch Architects

Steffen Welsch Architects applies the spirit and ideals of Bauhaus architecture, one of the most influential modernist art movements of the 20th century, by aspiring to combine art with technology and social responsibility.

We aim to develop and sustain meaningful and fulfilling relationships with the people with whom we work. We see no separation between builders, consultants, patrons, and architects, because we believe the finest architecture comes through a shared vision and commitment.

Within our team we run “design studios”, where each member of the team creates and pitches a design concept – an approach that builds team capacity while generating great ideas for each project.

Our architecture is flexible, practical, budget-controlled and personal, and emerges through an inclusive process that we believe culminates in beauty.

LOCATION: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

Doncaster House - Steffen Welsch Architects 1

Doncaster House – Like Living in the 70s / Steffen Welsch Architects

Architect: Steffen Welsch Architects Project: Doncaster House Location: Doncaster, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Photography: Rhiannon Slatter Doncaster House is a single family house designed by Melbourne-based Steffen Welsch Architects. From the architect: The brief for this modernist home, in leafy Doncaster, was to improve its energy efficiency, extend the existing home for the changing needs of

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