About Studioort

Studioort is a creative studio working within the fields of architecture, design and urbanism. We are based in London and have a project-related office in Bangkok.

Our approach is collaborative, interdisciplinary and holistic and we believe that design can transform the quality of people’s daily lives.

Each project reflects our strong appreciation for place and context by drawing out the unique aspects that lend a project its own identity.

Our portfolio ranges across multiple sectors including residential, mixed-use and cultural projects. We also work across a number of different scales from furniture and interior architecture to buildings and masterplans.

We are passionate about 21st Century cities as mankind’s main habitat and are enthused by its continuing evolution through adaptation and growth – spatially, socially and culturally.

Studioort embraces the opportunities and challenges of our rapidly changing world and aims to contribute with creative thinking, experience and knowledge of the built environment.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

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