Studium Creative Studio

About Studium Creative Studio

studium. is the creative studio focused on interpolation of areas such as architecture, communication design and product. Based in Porto, it is a space with a strong creative and authorial component. It is home for Sérgio Miguel Magalhães, one of the most prominent minds of our time, with multiple and original projects in architecture, graphic design, web design, product design, photography and literature. Sérgio is also an avid structuralist, constantly evolving his unifying and specific form of creative content creation which he calls the Methodological System.

studium results of a selection and ambition of a professional multidisciplinary and complementar team that dedicates itself to the development of projects focused an assertive blend of rigorous vision, passion and oddity mojo. Architects and designers aligned by a methodology and disciplined practice, highly competent in an environment characterized by its constant criticism of traditional models of design.

LOCATION: Porto, Portugal