PhotographerIvo Tavares StudioPortfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

Portfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

Portfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

Project name: Portfolio Vinhos
Office: studium
Architect: Sérgio Miguel Magalhães
Collaborators: Catarina Rodrigues, Hugo Martins, Miguel Barbosa, Tiago Nogueira
Location: R. Terços, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Conclusion year: 2020
Build Area: 873,28 m2
Client: Portfolio Vinhos
Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio / @ivotavaresstudio
Text: Courtesy of studium

How to engage the narrative of such a long and diverse, yet repetitive topic? The wine, the product, the context, the view, the landscape, the this, the that.
How to involve the values of the corporation, beyond the typical approach of the recurrent superficial display of values and mission statements?

Portfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

Emotionally. Theologically.
First, by implicating the emotional state in which we can relate ourselves with each individual space when we traverse the entire site. The creation of a continuous promenade of infinite proportions elongates the available space in the controlled delivery of the functional uses it proclaims, either of public availability or by detaining private access. This intention relates materials, views and engages a duly perspective of existence and multiple opportunities of use in an otherwise dull ordained program. Shadows are the final stroke, composing the texture of time in a very calm and relaxed habitat.

Portfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

Secondly, propose a detailed and sacred view of the relation between human and wine. A chapel, a podium, a place of worship and of savant proportions, used as a space reserved for appraisal. The most important room, at the core of the building, boldly scaralising the atmosphere with the elegance of a robust set of details and of the original design of each component. Designed to be a fine experience and not a raw statement, this eccentric condition of use goes further in the emotional relation between humans themselves.

Portfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

The Portfolio Vinhos project is an holistic exercise on what we expect to use from the space and what the space gets in return from us.

Architectural and Sacred View of the Relation Between Human and Wine

List of Manufacturers
1. Corktech – Essence O822002 905 x 295 x 10,5 mm (floors)
2. Cinca – NovaArquitectura 20×20 white (floors, walls)
3. Revigrés – Statuario white 600 x 1200 mm (floors)
4. Milliken – Formwork 2.0 Dome FWK48 (floors, carpet)
5. Pladur – (Walls and ceillings)
6. Cin – Alpaca Grey #E680 (wall and ceilling paint)
7. Roca – Meridian, Victoria, Access, Prisma, L20, Loft, Mencia, Rubik (bathroom)
8. Innere – Inlight (doors, windows and partitions)
9. JNF – IN.07.204.D.19, SM.060
10. Efapel – Logus 90 (electric)
11. Vescom – Corsica 8055.06 (fabric)
12. Pedrali – Malmo 397, Giravolta
13. Actiu – Prisma (office furniture)
14. Rizz, Clous, Skata Led, Stylus – illumination

meeting room, Studium Creative Studio

headquarter, Studium Creative Studio

workspace, Studium Creative Studio

Portfolio Vinhos by Studium Creative Studio

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