Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects

Architects: Thellend Fortin Architects
Project: Outremont residence
Location: Montreal, Canada
Photography: Charles Lanteigne

The expansion of this 1930s Outremont residence echoes the classical architectural language of this elegant residential neighbourhood. The new exterior finishing materials—hewn Saint-Marc limestone and tinned copper eaves—harmonize with those of the original structure, following an ornamental line that espouses the aesthetic canons of the era.

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 1

The interior of the residence comprises three distinct adjoining spaces. The first accommodates the entrance hall, hallway, stairs, and living room, accentuating the carefully preserved classical elements inherent to these rooms. The third—the new extension—consists of a bright, spacious open volume housing the kitchen, dining room, and office. A transitional band between these two spaces heightens the contrast between the classical architecture of the first volume and the contemporary aspect of the third. Framed in raw steel, this zone unites the two distinct aesthetic periods and sets off the living spaces that open onto the terrace—the fourth, external zone—and the garden.

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 2

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 3

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 4

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 5

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 6

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 7

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 8

Outremont Residence / Thellend Fortin Architects 10

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