Suzanna Scott Photography

Suzanna Scott

Suzanna Scott is a Bay Area-based photographer whose work captures compelling, forward-thinking interior design and architecture. Her images draw out the unique details and atmosphere of a space through natural lighting and thoughtful composition, allowing the designer’s work to reach a wider audience without compromising its quality or intention. Having lived, worked, and traveled all over the world, Suzanna loves collaborating with a global community of designers, architects and stylists, and has a deep appreciation for the universality of great design.

“I grew up in both the US and UK, and have lived and worked in many cities, including London where I attended Camberwell College of Arts, Florence, Boston, and Los Angeles. This has given me an appreciation of the universality of the language of design, and a deep affection for the community of creators and curators who work to make the world pleasing on the eye.” says Suzanna Scott

LOCATION: San Francisco, California

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