Stûv 30: the Only Wood-Burning Stove with Three Operating Modes

Stûv 30: the Only Wood-Burning Stove with Three Operating Modes
Photo credit: Double Deezy | Hinter Company

Timeless and revolutionary, the Stûv 30-compact is positioned in the industry as a slow-burning wood stove that can be enjoyed in several ways. Its versatility creates the perfect balance between output, performance and pleasure.

A patented concept
The Stûv 30-compact and Stûv 30-compact H have three doors for three modes of use. This concept, which has an international patent, has revolutionized the wood-burning stove and fireplace industry.

The design allows users to choose the ambiance they want. A crackling open fire will create a more inviting, seductive atmosphere, while closing the glass-paned door will magnify the flames and warm the room. Closing the full door is ideal during the night, to wrap the house in a soft, comforting heat.

This stove can also be turned 360° degrees to face any direction. When placed in the heart of the home, residents and visitors can enjoy the fire no matter what activity is taking place.

One important feature sets the Stûv 30-compact H apart from other wood-burning stoves on the market: its optional heat accumulator that extends the heating time. This way, when the fire goes out, heat continues to be released throughout the house for several hours.

Stûv 30: the Only Wood-Burning Stove with Three Operating Modes
Photo credit: The Rolling Van | Hinter Company

An addition to the Stûv 30 family
The Stûv 30-compact ONE BLACK recently joined the Stûv 30 family of wood-burning stoves. This model is ideal for customers who want the Stûv 30-compact’s main advantages, but at a lower cost. The ONE BLACK version was designed and manufactured to give a larger number of consumers a chance to enjoy both form and function.

This new model belongs to the “wood-burning stoves with a single door” category. It has a glass door that gives a generous view of the fire. Its single door and colour are the main features that set it apart from the Stûv 30-compact, which has three doors for three different operating modes. Also able to be rotated 360 degrees, the Stûv 30-compact ONE BLACK can easily be incorporated into a variety of projects to reinvent the fireplace area.

Stûv 30: the Only Wood-Burning Stove with Three Operating Modes
Photo credit: Ulysse Lemerise

Compliant with environmental standards
The three models available are all EPA-certified. This means they meet the environmental standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), requiring a fine particle emission rate of less than two grams per hour.

Moreover, the Stûv 30’s combustion techniques optimize its efficiency while eliminating its environmental impact.

Technical sheet
Product name: Stûv 30
Appliance category: Wood-burning stove
Available models: Stûv 30-compact, Stûv 30-compact H and Stûv 30 compact ONE BLACK
Exterior: Steel
Interior: Cast iron
Colour: StûvGrey for Stûv 30-compact and Stûv 30-compact H, StûvBlack for Stûv 30-compact ONE BLACK
Certification: EPA
Power: Up to 900 sq.ft. (31,000 BTU)
Details: Three modes of use, 360° rotation, ash pan built into the base, easy to light, produces little ash, possibility of connecting to the outside air, low fine particle emission rate, suits all types of decors, makes the fire the focus, energy-saving and easy maintenance.

Stûv America
Photo credit: Valerie Lacroix-@northwildmedia
Stûv America
Photo credit: Valerie Lacroix-@northwildmedia
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