Modern Poznan House in Poland / ZONA Architekci

Modern Poznan House in Poland

Architects: ZONA Architekci
Project: Poznan house
Architects in Charge Dominik Kolenda, Anka Topolska
Location: Poznan, Poland
Area 270.0 m2
Project Year 2017
Photography: PION Studio

The project of the Poznan house is a very specific and at the same time unique challenge for an architect. Each line sketched by the designer is a reflection of the Investors dreams. In the case of this house project, the ZONA Architekci was able to cooperate with clients from a very beginning of the investment process to the finishing point that was the interior design. The comprehensive approach to the topic has created a consistent whole. The residents did not have a full vision of how the building should look like. They were relying mostly on the sensations they wanted to feel inside the house.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 1

The Poznan house is located in the landscape park protection zone. The closeness of nature has prompted designers to create a geometric solid outside of wood-like elements. The body of the building consists of two intersecting cubes. The living area is located in the larger one, the garage and the gym in the smaller one.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 2

The facades have been covered with black plaster with COOL pigments, and with protection against biological corrosion. A special solution designed by ZONA Architekci  is the use of an openwork composite joist system for black painted vertical lath and black cross beams. The wood-like composite we chose, instead of natural materials, does not require additional impregnation. All this creates an interesting three-dimensional effect. Dark details in the form of metal window casings and balustrades consistently complete the concept.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 3

Natural conditions determine the shape of a block. The best lighting of the building, despite unfavorable layout of the plot, was a very important aspect. Thanks to the irregular wall configuration of the building, there is more sunlight in the rooms and the one-storey part of the terrace furtherly isolates the private zone from the street.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 4

The spatial layout of the building was based on the Investor`s lifestyle. The Poznan house function is not only to be an apartment, it is also the workplace and the place of developing the interests of the Owners and it provides the opportunity for a comfortable rest. Designating zones, day zone – in the depths of the ground floor, guest, work and sports zones – in the area of entry and the night zone – on the first floor, emphasizes the multi-functionality of the object.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 5

The architects have also planned an unusual wine cellar. The construction to store bottles consists of wooden pins placed between rows of bricks on the wall of the room. In a darkened room you can feel the taste of the selected beverage while at the same time admire all the available collection visually multiplied by the mirror at the end of the room.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 6

The kitchenette is not a hidden object in the living space. It intersects and separates two functions – dining and leisure. The use of a kitchen island allows you to work in the kitchen and to keep an eye on the rest of the area at the same time.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 7

At home there is also a place to practice physical activity, which is one of the Residents passions. The location on the ground floor allows placing heavy equipment on the floor, and the close proximity to the terrace and living room does not isolate from the rest of the family.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 8

The block of the building was designed to separate the private zone and the public one. The office has a separate entrance that eliminates the problem of interrupting everyday life of the Residents.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 9

All rooms are designed to meet the needs of the users in the first place. Large spaces opening on the parcel provide the feeling of comfort and functional solutions give the sense of freedom. All of the discussed features are the components of the own home.

Modern Poznan House in Poland 10

The own home is a consistently implemented project, based on an agreement between the Investors and the architects. Thanks to mutual cooperation and trust, both the Owners and the designers are satisfied with the result.

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Modern Poznan House in Poland 12

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Modern Poznan House in Poland 14

Modern Poznan House in Poland 15

Modern Poznan House in Poland 16

Modern Poznan House in Poland 17

Modern Poznan House in Poland 18

Modern Poznan House in Poland 19

Modern Poznan House in Poland 20

Modern Poznan House in Poland 22

Modern Poznan House in Poland 23

Modern Poznan House in Poland 24

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