Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio

Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio

Project: Red Wall Residence
Architecture: i2a Architects Studio
Principal Architect: Manuraj C R
Project Architect: Amal Suresh
Interior Execution: KUDIL INTERIOR
Main Contractor: KUDIL BUILDERS
Location: Thrissur, India
Area: 6000 ft2
Year: 2023
Photo Credits: Running Studios

The Red Wall Residence is a wonderful paradigm of how modern architecture can harmoniously blend with the tropical environment. The design team focused on highlighting the purity of the form using rationalist features such as linear planes, volumes, and bold colors, which create visuals and spaces that integrate with natural features.

The team chose a red-toned material palette comprising red stone imported from Agra to allow the building to stand out against its green backdrop. This massive, eye-catching masterpiece in reddish color puts the building in a harmonious coexistence with the nature surrounding it.

Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio The major design concern was to create spaces that lead to a fluid dialogue with nature. The fundamental principles guiding the design decisions were that the house be really private, not exposed to the street and that the views of the trees and the landscape be maximized.

The facade of the building tends to be closed from the front side with solid walls finished with red natural stone and places a wide opening to the side of the building, creating a grand entrance for the user. At the lower level, one enters the living room open to nature; the double height allows the sensation of amplitude and inside-outside integration and blurring the boundaries.

Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio

The main courtyard is located on the north side of the living room, while the second courtyard, situated between the living room and the dining serves as the gazebo with water features. Each courtyard is distinct in design and has its own role to play. The kitchen is provided in the South-East corner of the house, ensuring the flow of wind and light.

The ground floor consists of 3 en suite bedrooms with framed views of the private courtyards and landscapes. On the upper floor, all the intimate bedrooms are located, in a total of 2, and all have a suite and a living area for the family to gather and capture the wonderful and privileged view of the internal courtyards. The study is created as a mezzanine floating volume, which is accessed by the main flight of stairs.


In interior design, the predominant choice for rustic materials, fluid layouts, and a palette of natural tones evoke a sense of calm. A much more muted palette indoors contrasts the bright red facade, lending the spaces a bright and welcoming feeling.

The interior has a mix of Western contemporary furniture and customized Indian contemporary furniture, highlighting greys, beiges, and rustic wood. This abode seeks to provide a space for retreat and relaxation while also offering an opportunity to experience various notions of interaction between spaces and with landscape. Its structure is intended to seamlessly integrate with the natural environment, creating a sense of spaciousness and freshness for anyone experiencing the spaces.

living room

living room



dining area

dining room

powder room


Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio

Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio

home office


bedroom bedroom

Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio

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