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Wardour Street Apartment / Design Haus Liberty

Wardour Street Apartment

Architects: Design Haus Liberty
Project: Wardour Street Apartment
Location: Soho, London, United Kingdom
Area: 1033 sq. ft.

Design Haus Liberty designed the interiors for the 1033 sqft 2-bedroom apartment in Wardour Street featuring exposed brick walls, timber ceiling beams, crittall windows and a 500 year old unique wooden floor.

The open plan loft feeling of the apartment is enhanced by a careful selection of high end contemporary designer furniture combined with an interesting selection of vintage tribal furniture, bold artwork and unique, edgy accessories, and the integration of real greenery such as fig and banana trees, all of which emphasize the youthful, avant-garde ambience of the space and it’s prospectus owner.

Wardour Street Apartment 1

A bespoke feature sculpture of distressed copper pipes designed by DH Liberty, located in the open plan living space, corresponds with the raw feel of the previously industrial site in Soho.

Wardour Street Apartment 2

Wardour Street Apartment 3

Wardour Street Apartment 4

Wardour Street Apartment 5

Wardour Street Apartment 6

Wardour Street Apartment 7

Wardour Street Apartment 13

Wardour Street Apartment 8

Wardour Street Apartment 9

Wardour Street Apartment 10

Wardour Street Apartment 12

Wardour Street Apartment 11

Wardour Street Apartment 14

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