ANACAPA Architecture Reveals the Design for Rincon House in Carpinteria, California

Rincon House / ANACAPA Architecture

Project: Rincon House
Architecture: ANACAPA Architecture
Team: Tony Schonhardt, Kristin Stoyanova, Shahab Parsa
Location: Carpinteria, California
Renderings: Places Studio

Perched atop a mountain with expansive views of the Channel Islands off the Santa Barbara coast, Rincon House by ANACAPA Architecture embraces the landscape and the grandeur of its panoramic vistas. The design of this home takes a respectful approach to its surroundings, integrating seamlessly with the hillside to offer both shelter and spectacular views of the ocean and city below.

The home consists of a series of horizontal planes embedded into the hillside, creating a harmonious blend with the natural environment. The earthen roofs allow the structures to almost vanish when viewed from above, gradually revealing themselves as eroded masses nestled within the terrain.

A striking architectural feature marks the primary entry point of the 4,200-square-foot residence. Here, the erosion of the masses is most evident, leaving behind a soaring horizontal element that defines the entrance while maintaining an openness to the exterior. This blurring of interior and exterior spaces challenges conventional architectural approaches, especially for a site with such breathtaking views.

Inside, the design reveals the landscape in stages rather than offering the full view immediately. Provocative framed views of the sky, curated courtyards, and intimate inward-looking gardens create a sense of discovery. The grand vista is finally unveiled as one descends to the primary living space, where the distant ocean view is complemented by an internal courtyard. This courtyard, nestled into the hillside, fosters a curated connection to nature, enhancing the overall experience of the home.

Instead of isolating the view of nature, as is common in many contemporary designs, Rincon House integrates the distant vistas with close physical connections to the natural elements. This thoughtful design by ANACAPA Architecture creates a residence that not only maximizes its stunning location but also offers a profound connection to the surrounding landscape.

site plan

Rincon House / ANACAPA Architecture

Rincon House / ANACAPA Architecture

ground level

Rincon House / ANACAPA Architecture

lower level

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