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S3 Advertising

Paramount Interiors have recently completed a new office space for S3 Advertising, a UK-based creative advertising agency.

Project description: The brief from S3 Advertising was to create the UK’s coolest office. Interior designer Patrick Abrams, from PAC Architecture, created the initial design and it was then the job of office fit out specialists Paramount Interiors to bring it to life. Including life-sized lion statues, a massive ball pool and an 18-hole golf course.

S3 Advertising

As soon as you walk into the offices of this UK-based creative advertising agency, you’re greeted with an impressive sight. A 600kg lion statue sits on an island in the middle of a ball pool containing 18,000 balls. One of two lion statues in the office, they proved hard work to get into place. But with pallet trucks, a winch and some good old fashioned muscle, they now sit proudly to welcome visitors.

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Here you’ll find two innovative places for people who want to get away from it all or hold an unconventional catch up. Members of staff can sit on the undulating wooden bench that spans the edge of the ball pool. Or they can recline in the multi-person hammock that hangs over it.

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If someone wants to take a phone call away from their desk, they can bring it to the sandpit room. Removing their shoes and socks and sitting back on the fake-grass seat, they can make notes on the blackboard wall in front of them.

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In the centre of the office, a 32-metre-square stadium-style presentation space gives staff somewhere for private presentations. It’s also proved popular as a private cinema for screening popular sporting events!

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S3 also wanted somewhere in the office design for their staff to relax and chill out. A pool table and bar in the kitchen/breakout area, provide just that.

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Window seats in the kitchen also offer an impressive view of the Cardiff city skyline.

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As well as highlighting the quirkily creative nature of the business, S3 also wanted spaces for their 27 employees to collaborate and share ideas. Encouraging team building and providing practical workspaces was important. This is catered for with 56 static desks, 3 hot desks, 3 offices, 2 meeting rooms and a video production room.

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S3 Advertising are so proud of what they have dubbed the lion’s den, they even created a video tour to whet the appetite of potential customers.

Behind one of the coolest offices in the UK there was a lot of logistical work to make it a functional space. From the tiles on the raised access floor and the installation of wood flooring to bespoke carpentry in the kitchen area. Lighting and mechanical elements were adjusted and re-worked and a Sonos sound system was fitted throughout the office. Ultimately, S3 Advertising now have an office that not only makes an amazing first impression but also offers their staff a fantastically functional workspace.

Photographs: Huw Jones Photography
Courtesy of Helen Bartlett / Paramount Interiors

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