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A Touch of Midcentury

Midcentury modern style is a growing trend, but most people don’t want to live in a home that looks like a time capsule, so you don’t need too much, some few appointments will be enough.

Midcentury furniture pieces are characterized by their clean, simple lines like Essential Home’s Dandy sideboard, a walnut and brass piece that looks like a giant midcentury radio.

A Touch of Midcentury

Another tip to your midcentury look-like living room is to have wood on sight so, besides the sideboard, you can also add these Perry dining chairs to complete the set.

A Touch of Midcentury 2

Always keep in mind that subtlety and thoughtful craftsmanship are much of what makes midcentury style timeless.

A Touch of Midcentury 3

Keep the room with white walls and lots of light, if natural better, and let these pieces stand out and do the work. Your guests will be overwhelmed and you will feel comfortable.

A Touch of Midcentury 4

Like the vintage radios, this console would make you look twice. No, it’s not a giant radio but a rare wood & gold sideboard. The sleek outline of this unique midcentury modern piece makes you surrender to the Scandinavian design every time that you look at it. Solid walnut and golden plated brass are the exquisite material that form this rare sideboard which could be perfect for your living room, dressing room (any room!) and it would be make your retro home complete.

A Touch of Midcentury 6

A Touch of Midcentury 6

A Touch of Midcentury 7

Perry is the perfect dining chair. Made out in solid walnut it gives the furniture piece a soberer look that is put to contrast by the light structure of the rest of the midcentury chair which give it a more ethereal look. A midcentury modern masterpiece that only masters the spirit of bohemian freedom inherent to that specific time. The gold plated brass cover feet adds to the bohemian chair a sense of refinement and turns the piece into one from the modern living era. Courtesy of Essential Home

A Touch of Midcentury 8

A Touch of Midcentury 9

A Touch of Midcentury 10

A Touch of Midcentury 11

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