Ben Callery Architects

Eestgarth House - Open and Breezy but Warm and Cosy

Westgarth House: Open and Breezy but Warm and Cosy Family Home

Architects: Ben Callery Architects Project: Westgarth House / Exploring sustainably sourced materials Location: Westgarth, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Photography: Nic Granleese Westgarth House is a single-family home designed by Melbourne-based Ben Callery Architects. The architects had designed a rear living space that opens onto an airy, double-height void that’s carefully orientated, glazed and cross-ventilated to flood the space

Beyond House by Ben Callery Architects

Beyond House: Sustainable Family Home by Ben Callery Architects

Architects: Ben Callery Architects Project: Beyond House Location: Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Photography: Peter Bennetts Designed by Ben Callery Architects, the Beyond House stretches typical terrace boundaries, making a sustainable house despite its heritage constraints. We believe that it is important to revisit our houses after they have been occupied to see how they perform and learn what

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