One Oak 5A2 Residential Project in Downtown Beirut 2

One Oak 5A2 Residential Project in Downtown Beirut

With a global portfolio of completed projects including luxurious homes, private yachts and commercial environments, Askdeco, a full-service design firm based in Lebanon, is proud to showcase its One Oak 5A2 residential project in the beating heart of downtown Beirut

Aamchit Courtowers Houses 10

Aamchit Courtowers Houses by Hashim Sarkis Studios

Aamchit Courtowers Houses was completed in 2016 by Hashim Sarkis Studios. The project consists of four single-family houses on the coast of Aamchit, Lebanon as well as the rehabilitation of the existing landscape and old houses. The site slopes west towards the Mediterranean, its angle allowing for embedding the houses in the landscape in such

Amchit Residence by Blankpage Architects

Projected by Blankpage Architects, Amchit Residence is situated on the sea coast in Aamchit, Lebanon, location which ensures a great connection with the Mediterranean horizon that offers a conquering view to the eyes. The house is organized on three levels wherefrom, considering the sloping ground, only three level rises above the line of the access

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