Mexico City

GC House / PAIR Arquitectura

GC House / PAIR Arquitectura

The GC house is a revamped residence from the seventies with a three objective strategy: efficient redistribution of space, creating a soothing atmosphere, and prioritizing permeability to benefit from its surroundings.

bedroom, PAIR Arquitectura

FC Apartment, Mexico City / PAIR Arquitectura

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Polanco, Mexico City, lies a thoughtfully renovated apartment by PAIR arquitectura and Nero Construcciones. The central core of the FC apartment, along with its structural elements, embraces the timeless charm of oak wood

living area

Casa Nook / Zistema

Casa Nook possesses neutral materiality and pure geometry. It is surrounded by a garden with an irregular perimeter, which facilitates a gradual transition between the intimate atmosphere of a domestic space and the hectic routine of city life.

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