Lake Tahoe Cabins / RO | ROCKETT DESIGN

The Lake Tahoe Cabins is comprised of three discrete structures that traverse the rugged and complex Crystal Bay shoreline. Each cabin is strategically arranged around the site’s elemental intricacies with distinct connections to the Tahoe landscape and lakefront below.

Historic Bank Building Converted into Modern Office Space

NicholsBooth Architects have transformed a historic bank building into a office space for Bently Enterprises, in Minden, Nevada, USA. Transforming a historic bank building into a modern office space is easy–if you want to get rid of what made the space interesting to begin with. We took the high (and harder) road with Farmers Bank,

Lake Tahoe Estate – Distinguished and Iconic Home

Lake Tahoe Estate is a gorgeous residence designed by architect Dennis E. Zirbel. Description by Dennis E. Zirbel: The Owners wanted to create a Lake Tahoe Estate on 3 adjoining parcels totaling over 3 acres in size. A Master Plan defined the best location of new uses and structures as well as the location of

Architectural harmony and modern design for a custom family home

Bancroft House is a custom residence for a young couple with three children, located in Martis Camp, Truckee, CA, at a short distance from Lake Tahoe. The house was designed by architect Jack Hawkins and interior design was conceived by Cheryl Chenault. The architect has avoided specific architecture of rural areas and designed a modern house with

Tresarca Residence: Amazing Architecture in Las Vegas

Built under the burning sun of Nevada, Tresarca residence, is the downright definition for “amazing”. The project realized by Assemblage Studio is an architectural and design response to the challenges that the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas can raise. The natural beauty of the textures and different materials, stratifications of rocks and green oases where

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