How-To & GuidesTips for Buying the Right Materials for Wall Panels

Tips for Buying the Right Materials for Wall Panels

Tips for Buying the Right Materials for Wall Panels
Beaches House by Odami / Toronto, Canada

Wall paneling is considered a modern type of wall finish that has lately been trending and taking over the other popular types of wall finish. These include tile cladding, painting, and the use of wallpaper. Besides, there are various reasons for this. Wall panels are hygienic, cost-effective, and durable. They can be less expensive than wallpaper, tiles, and high-quality paints. Another reason you should go for wall panels is that they help conceal unsightly aspects and flaws such as exposed wiring and cables. When it comes to wallpapers, ordinary paints, and cladding with tiles, this is impossible. Read on and learn more tips for selecting the best materials for wall panels.

Panels Created of Natural Woods
When considering wall paneling in your house, selecting panels manufactured of natural woods is helpful since they are elegant and offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Unlike cladding tiles, there are fewer grouting lines that collect dirt or cause discoloration. Moreover, the primary perk of wooden panels is that they are easy to maintain and repair. When it comes to wooden panels, they can be resealed and sanded down to help renew their appearance if the surface is damaged. If the damage is massive, the panels can be replaced without damaging the remaining walls.

Panels made of chips of Wood and Adhesive
When buying wall panels, selecting the ones made through bonding wood chips with adhesive together would be best. This process is conducted under heat and pressure until a stiff board is formed. Besides being less costly, it is also available in a vast range. Besides, there are three types of chipboard panels that you can choose from. These include regular, medium, and high-density. When it comes to standard products, it is easy to use. However, it is thin and fragile and can easily bend or break. The high-density material is thicker and sturdy.

Harrison Avenue Apartment with a Colorful Panelized Felt Wall
Harrison Avenue Apartment with a Colorful Panelized Felt Wall, Boston, Massachusetts

Consider a softer material
If you prefer something softer, it will help to keep in mind that there are many fabric panels to pick from. Fabric panels best suit both hard and soft walls. They tend to make a space cozier and have an incredible feel. But if you want acoustic insulation, it would be great to settle on upholstered walls, which provide you with the same soft and casual effect, but with excellent insulation properties. Additionally, upholstered walls are pricier, though. However, they can be worth the cost if you intend to maximize their use.

Consider MDF Wood
When it comes to medium-density fiberboard or MDF is considered a type of composite wood item created by binding tiny wood fibers together using resin under solid pressure or heat. The key reason why you should consider using MDF in wall paneling is that it is affordable. Also, it can be designed to appear like wood when stained. Hence, you can achieve the natural woody appearance you have always wanted, less than the amount you would have paid for solid wood panels.

It is essential to consider settling for the best materials for wall paneling that will give you an elegant appearance. Also, please choose the best material for wall panels that suits your budget, since plenty of them are sold at affordable rates in various online and land-based stores.

Makani Eka House by Walker Warner Architects
Makani Eka House by Walker Warner Architects, Hawaii

Modern Farmstead Renovated in Bridgehampton, NY

This recently restored modern farmstead was the last home and Studio of "Romantic Modernist" Architect Norman Jaffe. Located in the heart of horse and farm country, Jaffe's retreat was chosen for its wonderful serenity. We worked with the new owner, a local artist, to enhance the quality of the original architecture and maximize the dynamic experience of the home

Minimalist Two Bedroom Apartment Designed by Flat6 in Hanoi

When we agreed to design this two-bedroom apartment, the apartment was not finished, the walls were not built but the space has been fixed. The location of equipment in the toilet and the kitchen has been waiting for the old design of the building.

House H in Madrid / ABIBOO Studio

House H is located in an affluent area in Madrid. The house has a floor area of 14,000 sq. ft. (1,300 sq. m.) and is the answer to the broad and diverse functional needs of the client, a well-known international sportsman.

Tropical Retreat for a Family of Four in Yucatán, Mexico

The "El Palmar" is a project of a tropical retreat, located in the Port of Chuburna, Yucatan, Mexico. With a very small program since it only has a room kitchen, living area and swimming pool.

ONYX Sofa Presented at Milan Design Week 2014

ONYX sofa is 3 meters long and it was made from carbon and Volvic volcanic lava stone by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab. Volvic is a small locality in the department of Puy-de-Dome, France, known for its mineral waters.

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