Beaches House / Odami Design Studio

Beaches House by Odami

Project: Beaches House
Interior Designer: Odami Design Studio
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project size 3200 ft2
Completion date 2021
Photo Credits: Doublespace Photography
Courtesy of Odami

Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood presents a peculiar condition within the city. Vast, sandy beach stretches out along the northern shore of Lake Ontario, transporting visitors away from the buzz of the city. Just one block north, Queen Street, lined with busy shops and restaurants, runs parallel to the water, extending all the way to downtown. To experience the area is to seamlessly transition between a natural and calm landscape, and an urban and lively atmosphere.

Beaches House by Odami

“Beaches House” is a split-level residence located in the middle of these two environments, with Kew Beach to the south, and Queen Street to the north.

Beaches House by Odami

Responsible for the interior design, our goal was to create a home which would reflect this contradictory context: a house which would belong as much to the city as it would to a beach far removed from it.

dining room, Odami

The interior design was rooted in elements typical of a traditional beach house — light, airy tones; the simple use of natural materials; and walls clad with painted wood paneling — reworked to reflect the contemporary taste and lifestyle of its owners.

Beaches House by Odami

Different rhythms of wall paneling were applied to the walls of the main living spaces, providing depth and texture. The central staircase, which winds its way up through the split levels of the house, was detailed with thin steel pickets and floating treads, continuing the rhythmic language of the paneling. Finally, in the bedrooms and bathrooms of the last floor, the sequence comes to rest, as light, repetitive elements give way to moments of stillness, calm, and dense materiality.

staircase, Odami

bedroom, Odami

living room, Odami

bathroom, Odami

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