Residential ArchitectureHousesVilla L’escalet in Ramatuelle - with a Panoramic View to the Sea

Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle – with a Panoramic View to the Sea

Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle - with a panoramic view to the sea (1)

Realized by the architect Vincent Coste, Villa L’escalet is located in Ramatuelle, near Saint Tropez, on an abrupt terrain, with a panoramic, beautiful view to the sea. As an architectural design, the house resembles a building block made from independent volumes, which allow space saving, by reducing the passage ways.

This constructive alternative facilitated the making of five bedrooms in an interior surface of only 120 square meters. A wooden structure completes the architecture of the house, offering the outer spaces protection against the sun and it helps creating various spatial outdoor sets.

Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle

Villa L’escalet is built by following the durable development requirements, honoring the natural character of the surrounding area. With a fully opened view to the vast sea, made possible by the glass walls, L’escalet is everything you would probably as for to spend unforgettable moments in the company of the sun and sea breeze. [Photo Christophe Rouffio]

Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle - with a panoramic view to the sea - outdoor

About Vincent Coste
Vincent Coste opened his architectural agency in his home town of St. Tropez in 2000, after collaborating with Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam and Oscar Tusquets in Barcelona.
His approach, based on his solid architectural background, is strongly linked to a Mediterranean context : climate, culture, history. Every architectural design he creates takes into consideration the physical boundaries of a home, relative to its surroundings, making each project totally unique. Thanks to Vincent’s own interest in interior design, he extends his vision with those activities closely related to his work. He is able to offer a global life scenario through architecture, interior design and furniture conception.

Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle, near Saint Tropez

a panoramic view to the sea

L’escalet House in Ramatuelle - dinning room

L’escalet House in Ramatuelle - with a panoramic view to the sea

L’escalet in Ramatuelle - lounge

Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle with five bedrooms

L’escalet House in Ramatuelle - bedroom

L’escalet in Ramatuelle - bathroom

ramatuelle-vincent-coste villa

ramatuelle villa - arhitect vincent-coste

plan 1


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