Product DesignOriginal IdeasWave City Coffee Table Inspired by the 2010 Movie Inception

Wave City Coffee Table Inspired by the 2010 Movie Inception

Wave City Coffee Table Inspired by the Movie Inception (1)

Wave City Coffee Table was designed by Stelios Mousarris. Ahead, the streets rise up, the horizon shrinks; she’s witness to an entire city neatly folding itself in half. This key scene from Christopher Nolan’s 2010 blockbuster Inception inspired Stelios Mousarris to mess with the physics of traditional furniture; producing a spectacular coffee table piece which sees a wooden city bend neatly over itself, creating fascinating edges and illusions in the process.

Stelios Mousarris is a Cypriot based designer with a Bachelor Degree in Modelmaking, having worked for Fosters and Partners as a model maker and for Duffy London as an assistant designer in 2014 he stepped into the design world by starting his own company Mousarris, with the aim to produce high quality pieces of furniture and other products.

Wave City Coffee Table Inspired by the Movie Inception (4)

Mousarris created the Wave City Coffee Table using 3D printing technology. His other work proves just as unique, and includes the “Carpet Sofa,” which can be custom-made with a carpet that fits your individual space, and the “Half Couch,” which is described by Mousarris as balancing on one side “whilst perfectly supporting the human weight on the other side.”
The limited-edition table is available for purchase on the designer’s website for €5,000, although you may only be able to afford it in your dreams.

Wave City Coffee Table Inspired by the Movie Inception (2)

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