Fletcher Capstan Table

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Designed and built by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor, a British company that manufactures luxury furniture, Fletcher Capstan Table is unique and special by the fact that it has the ability to double its surface by rotating 120 degrees, with the help of a complex technical system. Being very practical, this table fulfills its function and serves a smaller or larger number of diners, depending on the needs required in that moment. Its uniqueness is given by the way in which the surface modification is made, through a simple and rapid rotational movement. A star-shaped element, which is central and twelve other elements that perfectly merge with the central star but also between them when the surface of the table is reduced. The complex mechanism that ensures the rotation and merge of the elements that form the countertop is made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum, each component is of the highest quality and designed to last for generations.

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Fletcher Capstan Table can be operated manually or electronically by remote control. The wood used to make the table can be chosen depending on the characteristics of the environment in which it will stay, wet or dry, so for a long term, it will not be affected. You can opt for teak, mahogany, walnut or maple but also for more exotic materials such as rosewood or ebony Macassar. Also, in the realization of the countertop, several types of wood or wood combined with metal can be merged. The combining geometry of Fletcher Capstan Table can be definitely represented by more models that are still unexplored.

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