Where is the Best Place to Install a Safe at Home?

Where is the Best Place to Install a Safe at Home?

Where to Install a Safe at Home?
Considering the number of valuable things we keep in a safe, isn’t it obvious that we must install them in a secure place? Be it gun safes, jewelry safes, or the safe containing all your important documents, unless you install them safely in your house, you always run the risk of losing everything in case of a burglary. In your home, you might think there are several such places, but in reality, there are only a few places that you should consider while installing your safe.

Some Uncommon Places to Keep Your Safe
The best place to install your safe will depend on various factors, such as your budget and the type of safe you want. But, one thing is certain, the stronger the safe, the less hiding it requires. There is no perfect installation point; however, you can consider the following options to be the best for installing your safe.

1. Wall
You must have watched detective movies. In movies, thieves always start investigating from the back of picture frames to look for wall safes. In reality, however, the scenario is different. Here, burglars don’t normally investigate the back of picture frames unless they know that there is a wall safe.

Installing a wall safe has its perks – you get both concealment and accessibility. The safe doesn’t have to be very strong as it is likely to stay hidden from the eye and thus has the least chance of being attacked. Moreover, your safe remains at eye level and is easy to interact with.

However, to install a wall safe, your wall must have the proper dimensions to accommodate it. In most cases, you have limited wall depth, so if you’re planning to install a wall safe, take steps to create a deeper wall without revealing it and cover the safe door with a mirror or picture frame.

2. Floor
Though very similar in nature to wall safes, floor safes offer much depth and let you accommodate lots of things. These safes are also sturdier and can be potentially easy to conceal with rugs, carpets, and mats of different sizes.

For floor safes, often the most secure part is the door, which leaves its sidewalls vulnerable, allowing burglars to attack from there. Planning and installing a floor safe may be similar in cost to a wall safe but offers greater security. Always prefer to buy specially made floor safes instead of the generic ones which may lack waterproofing and the electronic actuators that enable you to lift the heavy door.

Where is the Best Place to Install a Safe at Home?

3. Basement
No matter what type of safe you have, basements are always a great place to install them. Be it a wall safe, a document safe, or a heavy-duty gun safe, you can install it in your basement easily according to your requirement. Basements are large, uninviting, and often filled with clutter which can easily conceal your precious safe. Once the safe is bolted and installed, it isn’t going anywhere.

Most thieves look for living spaces where they can find electronics, jewelry, and loose cash. If you have refurbished your basement into a bedroom or a game room, think twice before installing a safe there. If your basement looks like any other room, it will likely be searched too.

4. Attic
Because of their difficulty to access, attics are often preferred by many people for installing safes. Access to most attics is often restricted to a rickety ladder, and they are usually cluttered with all sorts of junk – the last place thieves might look and the perfect place to hide your safe.

Keep the attic cluttered purposefully with all dusty vintage luggage and old broken belongings to make it a safe haven for your safe. Thieves can hardly imagine keeping precious things in a safe that is safely stowed away in the attic amidst all the unsorted junk.

Installing the safe in the attic leaves you with an obvious problem – accessibility. Although the drawback strengthens your security, it makes it unsuitable for storing items that you may require suddenly, such as your business documents, money, or your gun. Use it only to store things you don’t require for a long time, such as gold and jewelry.

Each location has its merits and demerits, and neither of them is completely immune to burglary and theft. A very good strategy to avoid vulnerabilities from arising is to never talk about your safe. Choose the option you think will work best for you and install it accordingly.

Where is the Best Place to Install a Safe at Home?

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