Product DesignFurniture DesignWhittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio

Designer: Stoft Studio / Sweden
Project: Whittle Away
Photography: Ulrika Kestere
Year 2017

From the designer: Like the outermost bark of a tree or layers of flaking old paint, the outer skin of the objects slowly parts, releasing something new and unspoilt that has lain dormant underneath. What now is visible is at the same time ancient as it is newly born, in the colorful pattern stories about grandparents’ joyful crafts coexist with stripped-down minimalism in a sort of cross-fertilized, ambiguous DNA. The inspiration is taken from our common heritage of colourful handicrafts as well as the patience and endurance of all the crafting hands found therein, which over time has had to give way to more time- and production efficient principles.

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio 1

Whittle Away is an attempt to portray the design-DNA that Stoft brings with them to their design process. Commissioned for the exhibition “What’s your DNA?”, presented during Dutch Design Week 2017.
Materials / Pine wood. Steel hinges and screws. Hard wax finish. Coloured with natural algae paint.

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio 2

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio 3

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio 4

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio 5

Whittle Away Collection by Stoft Studio 6

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