Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

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Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

Project: Custom Furniture and Bespoke Joinery
Styling: Polina Radchenko Interior Design
Woodwork: Woody’s Cabinetry
Location: Queensland, Australia
Photography: Catherine May Lowe

A creative collaboration between a cabinetmaker Anthony Woodford and an interior designer Polina Radchenko was born out of a site visit to Anthony’s home in March 2020. Having seen Anthony’s beautifully crafted products, Polina realised the potential value to be added to Anthony’s work whilst making his home emotive and inspiring.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

The design concept was built around the beauty of natural timber, in its pure and raw form. Timber’s unique quality and its ability to compliment any interior scheme, from paired-back scandi to rustic wood cabin, helped create versatility within Anthony’s home and truly showcase the diversity of his work.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

The feature of the dining space certainly became the beautifully crafted timber dining table, designed and built by Anthony. Modest in its construction, it features an intricate grain running along its tabletop and legs. A paired-back interior was designed to act as a clean backdrop. Simple, slightly uneven ceramic tableware, along with beautiful scandi inspired artefacts and accessories were carefully selected to compliment the table’s light timber. A lavish, mouth-watering table setting was inspired by the warmth and hospitable nature of the timber and topped with fresh flowers from the garden.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

Rapidly spending more and more time at home, both of us felt it was important to create a lush captivating interior in the master bedroom, a space you could truly feel safe and spoilt. Anthony’s custom-made distressed timber bed frame and matching bespoke timber wall were the main features of the space. The addition of rich textured throws, copper accessories and beautiful artwork tied the scheme together. A beautiful bespoke whitewashed barn door, plush white bedding and contrasting artwork pieces really helped brighten the room and create a rich luxurious contrast to the dark timber, forming the raw wood cabin look we were looking for.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

Woody’s fun colourful outdoor furniture fit extremely well on a bright sunny patio surrounded by lush outdoor plants and a fence also built by Anthony. Complimented by playful cushions, accessories and fresh flowers, the perfect setting for the family to gather in comfort was created. Having built the outdoor furniture set with the help of his daughters, Anthony felt their involvement in the photo shoot was a perfect way to celebrate the pieces.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

The initial meeting back in March was timely for both Anthony and Polina with their workflows rapidly facing change. They both felt they had space for creative experimentation and the broadening of their portfolios. The inception of the design work flowed from Anthony’s desire to showcase his bespoke joinery and custom furniture in his home. In collaboration with Polina, he achieved more than he originally anticipated. The work led to the development of a website and the creation of the brand ‘Woody’s Cabinetry’, which seemed written in the stars for cabinetmaker Anthony Woodford, located in Woody Point. For Polina, the project has opened doors to other creative opportunities and helped to explore different creative outcomes. The success of their working relationship brought about other projects and future opportunities, both collaborative and solo.

bedroom, Woody’s Cabinetry

About Anthony Woodford
From an early age, Anthony can remember the joy from constructing with his hands. As a teenager he spent a lot of his time building projects for his parents, with their encouragement fuelling what has become his lifetime passion. Over the past 30 years he has made his way up in the field of engineering, from apprentice through to management. From the selection of fine materials to hand rendering detail he has honed and refined several of the skills that allow him to excel at his passion.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

His years of engineering and his lifelong connection to construction and timberwork have led him to pursue his passion for creating beautiful bespoke pieces as part of his own cabinetry business. From bespoke joinery to feature walls and custom furniture, Anthony is skilled in working with a range of materials including metalwork, solid and recycled timbers. Adding his own experience and passion to the process, Anthony works closely with the client at every phase to ensure the product exceeds expectations, with budget in mind.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

About Polina Radchenko
Polina Radchenko is a qualified interior designer with eight years of industry experience working on small to large scale residential and commercial projects with clients in Australia and overseas. With background in arts, Polina combines the problem-solving skills of a designer with the unique flair of an artist, creating emotive spaces with refined design sensibility and carefully curated furniture and artwork selections.

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

Polina offers a range of services from initial consultation and education to conceptual mood boards to refined room layouts, custom furniture and artwork curation, through to construction drawings and communicating the design intent to the builder, making it easy to realise the dream space with a collaborator that listens intently and supports and inspires the client throughout the process. Passionate about building authentic lasting relationships, Polina aims to engage and empower her clients towards building better home and work environments and creating outcomes that tell a unique story of their occupants.

Anthony Woodford, Woody’s Cabinetry

outdoor table, Woody’s Cabinetry

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

Inspiring Custom Furniture and Beautiful Bespoke Joinery, Woody’s Cabinetry

outdoor, Woody’s Cabinetry

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