How-To & GuidesWhy Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

Why Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

Why Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

If the title of this article seems odd, you are not alone. The idea of a hide-a-bed in a sectional is definitely an odd one for many people. Only in recent years have sectionals included pull-out beds. While they aren’t widely common as of yet, they are showing up more and more among the top designer furniture brands.

Why the shift?
Primarily, the increase in the prevalence of sleeper sectionals is due to the fact that as people take a more modern and minimalist approach to interior design they are more likely to choose furniture with more than one purpose. This trend is showing itself across different types of furniture, not just sleeper sofas. You can see it with storage ottomans and benches, console tables that double as desks for remote work or learning, and modular sectionals that can be rearranged at a whim.

Why Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

But there are some specific reasons that sleeper sectionals in particular are gaining traction in interior design. Most of these trends have been borne out from the vast and continuing popularity of modular sectionals.

Modular sectionals are those that can be manipulated and rearranged to meet the needs of the moment. The obsession with Airbnb of 2018 and 2019 spurred the need for furniture that converts to sleepers. The more people you can put up in your home, the more you can charge for their vacation booking.

Even though the use of Airbnb fell sharply in 2020, the furniture trends that it started are starting to make their way into homes for a purely domestic purpose. The continuing upward trend of minimalism and multifunctional furniture combined with the optimism of a future return to regular overnight guests have the general public looking for ways to increase the number of friends or family that can stay in their home.

Why Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

Pull-out sofa sleepers have been popular for decades, and they are one of the cheaper ways to add occasional sleeping quarters. But these couches with a pull-out bed are actually much more cumbersome and inconvenient than most people realize.

Most require you to completely remove all of the cushions to pull out the bed, and you may not have the space to do so easily. In addition, you have to have enough room for the bed to extend from the sofa. That means if you have a coffee table, you’ll have to move it too.

Why Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

Sleeper sectionals remove all of these annoyances because it is not what you might be picturing. Instead of a bed that pulls out from underneath the seats, the modular sectional is simply rearranged or otherwise easily converted into a suitable bed. Many of the sectionals designed with these features in mind are engineered to accommodate standard sheets.

While it might seem as though sleeping directly on couch cushions would not be comfortable, the reality is that these sectional sleepers can give your guests a good night’s sleep. The combination of firm support topped with a soft cushion is perfect for getting snuggly in front of the tv or fireplace.

Why Sleeper Sectionals Are the Next Trend in Home Furniture

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