How-To & GuidesThe 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

The 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

The 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

When considering adding stone cladding to your home, it can seem like there are an endless number of possibilities when it comes to picking the right color and style. With so many options available to you at Amber and other platforms, you may feel overwhelmed with choice.

Choosing the stone cladding that will adorn your home is no small task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Take a look at these four gorgeous stone cladding ideas to inspire your home decor:

1. Red Brick Cladding for an Urbane Look

Most of us are familiar with brick or red brick walls. They’re a very durable and long-lasting building material. If you’re looking for a cladding idea that can last for years and give your house an urbane impression, red brick is perfect for rural homes, but they look great in urban locations as well. They give an exquisite and sophisticated look to your house.
The best part is that you can pick bricks of different shades and textures that fit your requirement perfectly. Just be sure to select high-quality materials for your project. Low-quality bricks might not stand up well against extreme weather conditions and can be easily damaged.

The 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

2. Light Grey Stone Cladding for Dining Area

With its soft undertones, natural wood accents, and minimalistic vibe, light grey stone cladding is an elegant choice for a dining area. This stone cladding has a matte finish typically achieved by sandblasting and washing. Since light grey stone-clad looks excellent with any kind of furniture and floor tiles (even the eco-friendly mosaic tiles), it’s suitable for about any room in your home.

The 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

3. White Stone Wall Cladding for the Background

If your home lacks a clear sense of style or identity, consider cladding it in one bold color. While many materials make great backgrounds, primarily when used in geometric patterns, a stone-clad white wall is ideal for bold visual statements. You can opt for a monochromatic interior background by using white stone cladding or complementary colors (such as black and beige) to set off your wall art and photos against a gorgeous contrasting background.

The 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

4. Stone Cladding for a Decorative Corner

Since it can be cut into any shape or size, stone cladding is an excellent choice for an unusual addition like a decorative corner with curved edges. Adding stone cladding to a hub can serve as an eye-catching decorative element for your home. Additionally, you can use cladding tiles for exterior walls as well. No matter how or where you use it, adding stone cladding will add an attractive feature, style, and beauty to your home’s décor.

Stone cladding provides a unique look that sets it apart from brick, tile, and wood, but not all stone cladding looks excellent on any given building or home. Knowing what kind of stone to choose and where to place it takes some time, but when you get the right combination, your home will have the beautiful appearance that makes it truly stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.

The 4 Best Stone Cladding Installation Ideas

Rishon LeZion House by Shachar Rozenfeld Architects

Architects: Shachar- Rozenfeld Architects Project: Rishon LeZion House Architects in Charge: Shoham Simchi, Yael Shachar, Lior Rozenfeld Area: 600.0 m2 Location: Rishon LeZion, Israel Photographs: Shai Epstein Rishon LeZion House...

Douglas House in London / RISE Design Studio

The Douglas House was designed, in many ways, from the inside out: we took the absolute limits of permitted development rules in terms of what we could achieve in increasing the volumes on Ground and Second Floors and then re-shaped

HDB Apartment in Singapore / IN-EXPAT Group

For this 1,012 sq ft HDB apartment, the challenge was to introduce industrial elements while retaining a polished look. Some of the elements incorporated were white brick walls, cement screed surfaces, a magnetic wall at the kitchen entrance for art and messages, and well-appointed lighting and furniture.

House Noir by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Situated on one of the last undeveloped oceanfront lots along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, House Noir not only breaks the conventional beach house mold, but it creatively addresses the complexity of building next to the water, especially in the face of climate change—the fundamental design challenge of our time.

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