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Casa EG / Play Arquitetura

The project for Casa EG was developed in two different moments: the initial project made in 2008/2009 and executed afterwards (the work was completed in 2011), and the reform project and completion of the interiors carried out between 2020 and 2022.

LR House, Porto Feliz/ Jacobsen Arquitetura

The LR house was built on a sloping plot, surrounded by neighboring lots on both sides. The project sought to privilege the powerful visual range of the landscape that unfolds from the east face, opposite to the main access road.

MJE House, São Paulo / Jacobsen Arquitetura

The MJE House is located on a steep slope, dialoguing with the spectacular view of the horizon, lake, and surrounding mountain landscape. Seeking to occupy the land horizontally, we started from the creation of an architecture with only one floor, which subtly interacted with the existing landscape.

CL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

The architectural design conceived for the CL House, that would house a young couple, seeks to highlight the magnificent views of the lake and forest reserve present in the implantation site.

MH Residence – Beach House on the Coast of São Paulo

As we began this beach house project located on the coast of São Paulo, we came across very clear conditions: accentuated downhill terrain as well as immersed in the Atlantic forest, legal restrictions for the occupation of the lot

LP Residence in São Paulo / Metro Arquitetos

The main areas of the LP residence, living room and bedrooms, open up towards the garden in a transverse direction to the wet areas. The elevated flooring, 45cm above the ground level, allows the front of the house to be used as a comfortable seating area facing the garden.

Balcony House in Brazil with a Large Glass Panel Facade

The AMB House is situated on the coast of São Paulo, Guaruja City in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. From the street you can only see one of the three floors of the house because the terrain has accentuated slopes that give different views of an almost untouched natural landscape.

Island House by Jacobsen Arquitetura / Angra dos Reis

Designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura, the Island house had to suit the strict environmental standards limiting the proximity of construction to the sea, its height,...

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba / Isay Weinfeld

This is a getaway house erected in the city of Piracicaba, 250km away from Sao Paulo. It is intended to serve as a meeting point for a family whose members are scattered across various cities around the state. 

Modern Country House with a Brazilian Farm Look

Project: Modern Country House Architects: Jacobsen Arquitetura Concept: Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen Project Leader: Fabiana Porto, Marcia Bontempo, Marina Nogaró, Rafael Henrique de Oliveira Team: Christian Rojas, Daniel...