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Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba / Isay Weinfeld

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (1)

This is a getaway house erected in the city of Piracicaba, 250km away from Sao Paulo. It is intended to serve as a meeting point for a family whose members are scattered across various cities around the state. The 2,000m² land resulted from merging two corner-lots in a gated condominium. Not only did the position of the house take into account the sloping contour of the land, but also its orientation (North), as to provide the bedrooms and social areas with the best possible sunlight.

Overall view from east

The distribution on three floors arranged in perpendicular axes allows the land displacement to be overcome naturally, and makes the garden accessible from any floor:
– the lower ground, semi-subterranean and positioned in the lowest level of the land, parallel to the contour lines, houses storage areas, the mechanical room and garage – that standing on grid pillars.

Side view showing northeast façade. Blinds closed

– the ground floor, laid out as an L and accessible from the street through an S-shaped ramp, houses the service areas and the lounge/dining room. The latter, fully encased in glass, overlooks on one side the back portion of the land and merges with the pool deck through wide sliding doors; on the other side, it is shielded from the sun and secluded from the street by a long sun baffle made of large vertical concrete slabs, unevenly placed along the whole facade.

Backyard view from terrace

– the upper floor, a volume that stretches perpendicularly to the contour of the land, cantilevers towards the street at one end, and at the other plants on the higher section of the plot. It houses the bedrooms and the den – the latter opening onto a large wooden deck, built on the ceiling slab over the lounge/dining room.

Private first floor living area façade seen terrace

The swimming pool is snug in the nook of the “L” formed by the social and service areas, and the slope rising to higher sections of the land.

Project: Getaway House
Architect: Isay Weinfeld
Collaborator Architect: Domingos Pascali
Project Manager: Monica Cappa Santoni
Design Team: Adriana Aun, Juliana Scalizi, Pablo Alvarenga, Leandro Garcia
Built Area: 1,980 m²
Location: Piracicaba, Brazil
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Social area view from outdoor covered space. Three-seat bench by

Living area in the foreground and entrance in the background. Po

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (2)

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (17)

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (18)

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (19)

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (20)

Overall view from southeast

Swimming pool deck and backyard seen from outdoor covered space

Front yard seen from access ramp

Evening view of northwest façade

Overall view from north

Getaway House in the City of Piracicaba Isay Weinfeld (16)

Southeast elevation at night

Overall night view from backyard

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