Apartment Modernization in Maroussi

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi, Greece / d_code Architects

d_code Architects have modernized this apartment, bringing down the walls to unify the kitchen with the living room. The apartment has an area of 80 square meters and is located in Maroussi, Attiki, Greece. The apartment owners asked for a proposal in order to remodel the living room and kitchen spaces of their apartment. Those spaces

Berkeley Hills House: Remodel of 1965 Family-Home by YamaMar Design

Project: Berkeley Hills House by YamaMar Design GC: U-Unlimited
 (Eitan Spanier) Structural: Earthquakes and Structures, INC Interior design: Alison Damonte Artwork: Lucy Raven Photography: Bruce Damonte Text by YamaMar This house is located in the Berkeley Hills, California, United States, and was modernized by San Francisco-based YamaMar Design. Nestled on a secluded property in the

Minimal Modern Design Meets Disco in This Eichler House

Project: Minimal Modern Design Architects: Yamamar Design Location: Palo Alto, California Area 214 sqm Constructor: Flegels Construction Interior decorator: Alison Damonte
 Photography: Bruce Damonte Yamamar Design have modernized this 1970’s Eichler house, located in Palo Alto, California. This Eichler house remodel falls squarely into the ‘minimal modern design meets disco’ camp. The project took focus

Duplex Barrow Street by Deborah Berke Partners

Duplex Barrow Street was completed recently by New York – based Deborah Berke Partners. Description by Deborah Berke Partners: Hired by a technology entrepreneur with a great design sensibility to reshape and furnish his New York apartment, we refinished major surfaces, updated lighting, and dramatically improved the apartment’s connections to its landscaped terrace. We also

Tennis Ave Residence – 1920s Cottage Redesigned by DM2 Architecture

Project: Tennis Ave Residence Architect: DM2 Architecure Studio Team members: Brad Muller, Joshua Graham Location: Brisbane, Queensland Photo Credits: Scott Burrows Photographer Located in Brisbane, Australia, Tennis Ave Residence is an old house redesigned by DM2 Architecture. Description by DM2: Occupying a quiet street in a conservative neighbourhood, the additions nestle into the suburban setting

St Kilda House: Complete Revival of a 1850’s Cottage

St Kilda House is an old abandoned cottage that has been transformed by Melbourne-based Jost Architects into a lively and vibrant home. Description by Jost Architects: This project was the complete revival of a severely dilapidated 1850’s cottage on death’s door. The brief called for an open plan living, dining, kitchen, rumpus room, bathroom, walk

Extension and Refurbishment of Mixed Use Building

This residence is located in London and was modernized by Scenario Architecture. The property has necessitated extension and refurbishment to become a welcoming home for a young family. Description by Scenario Architecture: We were approached by our clients, a young family of 3 to redesign their home. The property had received previously been granted planning permission,

Cedar Lodge: Contemporary Timber & Zinc Clad Houses

Project: Cedar Lodge Architects: Adam Knibb Architects Main contractor: Hickory Construction Ltd Location: Winchester, Hampshire Completed February 2015 Located in Winchester, Hampshire, The Cedar Lodge is a project completed in February 2015 by Adam Knibb Architects. The architect’s description: The brief was to replace an existing garage with a pair of semi-detached contemporary timber & zinc

Eichler House Modernized by Klopf Architecture

Project: Eichler House Architecture: Klopf Architecture Project Team: John Klopf, AIA, and Angela Todorova Contractor: Flegel Construction Photography © 2014 Mariko Reed Location: Burlingame, California Year completed: 2014 The owners of the Double Gable Eichler Remodel, situated in Burlingame, California, are a family with 5 children, the youngest is a pupil in elementary school and

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