Residential Architecture

In the Architecture category, HomeWorldDesign presents you beautiful and modern houses, amazing buildings and stunning architecture structures born from the creativity and imagination of the best architects and designers in the world. The eye can enjoy a virtual tour of the most attractive homes in the world of indoor and outdoor presentations, of some of the most amazing residential projects and more. Expect to see the presentation of architectural projects of all cultures and tastes. Simple viewing of works by ingenious architects and designers can help you to transform your room or house into a dream home.

House K by Yoshichika Takagi

House K realized by Yoshichika Takagi and associates is at least an atypical project through the demands that the owner had towards the architects. The client wanted the interior to be an opened one and to be designed like a village. Considering the cold climate from Hokkaido, finding a solution to design a wide open

Great Architecture and Alternative Energies by Michael Fitzhugh

Completed in October 2013 by Michael Fitzhugh Architect , M-22 House is situated on a high crest with the view towards West Grand Traverse Bay, in Northern Michigan. The high ground of the house allows it to benefit of a large and rich view until where the line of the lake meets the sky. The

Capricorn Loft by Rural Building Company

The Capricorn Loft is the latest house realized by Rural Building Company. The house highlights the benefits of the integrated construction system that uses a mix of weatherboards and corrugated metal. It is an innovative way to approach the designing of a house and in the same time, it shows responsibility towards the environment. Capricorn

Dome House by Steve Areen – Fast, Beautiful and Fun

The contiguous images illustrate an unique and beautiful dome house that belongs to the photographer and musician Steve Areen. The musician relates that for years he has been inspired by the creative ideas of his friend, Hajjar Gibran. In 2011, while being on a visit in Thailand, to his friend, he was taken up by the

Charismatic Wolf House by Wolf Architects

Wolf House is a family home designed by the Wolf Architects from Melbourne, Australia, in a way that connects the family to its experiences and personal memories, in order to provide balance between a family home and the architectural practice. The manner in which the organization of the space was approached,  was the result of

Great Barrier House: a Green Project for 100% Solar Energy

Designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan and built on the Great Barrier Island, in New Zealand, this house relies 100% on solar power. Taking its name from the island where it is situated, the Great Barrier House is located in a beautiful setting on a beautiful meadow, being surrounded by trees. The building is elevated on

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