BA Apartment in Lisbon / Atelier Data

BA Apartment in Lisbon

Set in a Lisbon neighbourhood from the thirties, the BA apartment occupies the last two floors of a building, benefiting from views that from northeast are headed by urban landscape and from southeast, in turn, are dominated by great canopies of trees that inhabit a secular garden near by the building.

The strategic position of the apartment due to his urban context in articulation with domestic space issues prompted the project to focus on the following principles:
– Spatial and functional readaptation in order to explore crossed views, communicability and continuity of and between spaces in active articulation with the pre-existing constrains;

BA Apartment in Lisbon 1

– Program organization and distribution through a logic that promotes clear distinction between social areas [terrace, living room, dinning room, kitchen, library] from service areas [laundry, wc, vertical accesses] on the groundfloor and private area [bedrooms] on the 1st floor;

BA Apartment in Lisbon 2

– Concentration of infrastructures, equipment and storage into functional walls and cores, in order to free up space;

BA Apartment in Lisbon 3

– Enrichment of the relation between interior and exterior through the redesign of the openings, emphasizing the connection between those areas;

BA Apartment in Lisbon 4

– Selection of materials that reinforce the natural light of the overall spaces through the extensive use of white color in articulation with the wood pavements and the ceramic tiles of the terrace;

BA Apartment in Lisbon 5

– Insertion of the “natural” as an element brought in from the secular garden, that is interpreted and reinvented into domestic environment;

BA Apartment in Lisbon 6

Commited to create a unique living space, the large functional Wall, with its 11.5 meters long,(which concentrate equipment, storage, cooking area etc.) works simultaneously as scenario and as an operating background to support the diverse and multiple actions of the social space.

BA Apartment in Lisbon 7

Mutable in its usage conditions, it allows various interactions and different hierarchies between spaces.

BA Apartment in Lisbon 8

Panels that open to reveal the stairs and close to privatize the rooms, panels that open while cooking and close when the kitchen becomes an workspace, panels that extend or gather inside the cabinets gap to individualize spaces, and so are manageable from this structuring as an unifying element of the space.

BA Apartment in Lisbon 9

If the Great wall, with its vertical expression, ensures the spatial continuity, also the design of ceiling contributes to this notion of extension and unification.

BA Apartment in Lisbon 19

The rhythm of the beams that make up the horizontal plan of the social area, thus reinforces the initial and intuitive desire to create a large space, that goes through the full depth of the apartment, and is crossed by diverse environments, uses and actions.

Interior design: Atelier Data
Project: BA Apartment
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Photography: Richard John Saymour

BA Apartment in Lisbon 10

BA Apartment in Lisbon 11

BA Apartment in Lisbon 11

BA Apartment in Lisbon 12

BA Apartment in Lisbon 13

BA Apartment in Lisbon 18

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