PhotographerBrett Boardman PhotographyBalmoral Beach House: Concrete Sculptural Form Inspired by Brutalism

Balmoral Beach House: Concrete Sculptural Form Inspired by Brutalism

Balmoral Beach House

Designed by architects Polly Harbison and Clinton Murray, the Balmoral Beach House is a robust concrete sculptural form and takes inspiration from Brutalism as much as art. Overlooking Balmoral Beach, Sydney, this new home is built with highly textured concrete walls.

Inspired by the work of Artist Isamu Noguchi, the building is sculptural in nature with its projecting volumes shifting and kinking down the site to form a continuous loop. Four volumes are carefully arrayed across the site, creating a window from the street that frames views to the water beyond. This unconventional approach goes against the grain of terraced hillside Sydney houses.

Balmoral Beach House 4

The dynamic forms engage with the street and optimise the grand views to the water while maintaining a beautiful private landscaped courtyard in the heart of the site. A rigorous and refined material palette of off-form concrete, timber and brass compliments the natural beauty of the site, and provides a backdrop for the owner’s art collection.

Architects: Clinton Murray and Polly Harbison
Project: Balmoral Beach House
Project team: Ralph Rembel – interiors; Nicholas Byrne and Vince Myson – architectural detail and documentation; Daniel Baffsky – landscaping; Bellevarde – builder; Adam Howe and Mick Carroll – site foremen; Ken Murtagh – structural engineer
Location: Balmoral Beach, Sydney, Australia
Photography: Brett Boardman

Balmoral Beach House 2

Balmoral Beach House 3

Balmoral Beach House 5

Balmoral Beach House 6

Balmoral Beach House 7

Balmoral Beach House 8

Balmoral Beach House 9

Balmoral Beach House 10

Balmoral Beach House 11

Balmoral Beach House 12

Balmoral Beach House 13

Balmoral Beach House 14

Balmoral Beach House 15

Balmoral Beach House 1

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