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Bangalore Courtyard House / Architecture Paradigm

Bangalore Courtyard House

Bangalore Courtyard House is a private residence designed by Architecture Paradigm, a studio established in the year 1996 by Manoj Ladhad, Sandeep J and Vimal Jain. The site for the house is located on the fringe of a fast developing area of Bangalore, which has a rocky hillock as the backdrop. Located on a T junction in a gated community the site steps up away from the road towards west in three levels. These three levels became the basis for establishing the house and its connection to the ground.

Programmatically, three bars were conceived to hold public, semi-public and private spaces arranged around a large courtyard. Circulation spine meanders around the courtyard offering connect to the outside.

Bangalore Courtyard House 1

The courtyard itself is a marvelous device that blends disparate entities into a coherent whole. It mediates between the uncontrollable nature and the stable built form and adds another layer to the binary distinction of in or out. In Bangalore Courtyard House, three layers of open spaces provide three different zones; front yard for transition, courtyard for congregation and backyard for retreat. Openings, windows and slits are carefully choreographed to provide connect to these open spaces.

Bangalore Courtyard House 2

These connections from inside to outside circumvents the serial nature of circulation space along a path and blurs the boundary between set programmatic spaces. The overall built form is wrapped by a series of facets that unites the three programmatic bars and suggests comforting togetherness and ceaseless continuity perhaps evocative of the multiple horizons the initial stepped site offered. The facets negotiates between the “hard ” rocks and the “soft” landscape and establishes an in-between condition much like the courtyard around which it wraps. Photography Anand Jaju

Bangalore Courtyard House 3

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Bangalore Courtyard House 7 Bangalore Courtyard House 8

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