Product DesignFurniture DesignModular Cabinet System for Bathroom Space

Modular Cabinet System for Bathroom Space

Modular system for bathroom space

Ingrid is a bathroom modular system that includes a sensitive full range of practical elements from the sink to storage, mirror, light, electrical plug in,…The Ingrid modular cabinet system is designed by Jean-François D’Or with the collaboration of Frédérique Ficheroulle and the Vika team.

Modular furniture for bathroom space Ingrid collection

The designer’s description: At the start of the project was thoroughly thought how to increase the comfort of people during their daily bathroom experience. A bathroom is much more than a room to wash up. It’s a place to start off your day and to end it. To really feel at home Vika is launching a new bathroom concept named Ingrid, with room for a personal touch.

Modular cabinet system for bathroom - by Jean-François D'Or with the collaboration of Frédérique Ficheroulle and the Vika team The Ingrid collection is a modular cabinet system that allows you to compose your bathroom space according to your needs with a sensitive range of materials, finishings and colours. You create an own identity and atmosphere depending on your lifestyle.

Modular cabinet system - Ingrid collection for bathroom

The grid is a tool to invite you to design your own wellness living space. The collection is not limited to the bathroom. The Ingrid elements offer practical solutions throughout the rest of your home as well. Because of the personal choices of materials and colours your design carries your own signature.

furniture system for bathroom space

Furniture for bathroom

bathroom space- Ingrid collection - by Jean-François D'Or with the collaboration of Frédérique Ficheroulle and the Vika team

Modular cabinet system

Ingrid collection

Modular cabinet system - Ingrid bathroom collection

bathroom - Ingrid collection

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