PhotographerBoysPlayNice Photography & ConceptBlack Flying House / H3T Architekti

Black Flying House / H3T Architekti

Black Flying House H3T Architekti

Project: Black Flying House
Architects: H3T Architekti
Location: Eastern Bohemian Region, Czech Republic
Area: 4,25 sqm
Project Year: 2016
Photography by BoysPlayNice / Martin Tůma and Jakub Skokan

Imagine you walk through a forrest and pass an old railway bridge when you realize there is a black house, suspended from one of the arches. Would you dare to climb in?

Black Flying House hovers under the arch of the old railway bridge. Attracts attention, entices you to visit and raises questions. Black flying house is an installation which is composed of a living room with a stove and a sleeping loft. The object is suspended by steel cables. The installation includes also a ladder that is hidden nearby. It’s a bit of a conundrum that encourages passers-by to think. Its archetypal depiction adds the mysterious atmosphere of the military complex. This area is located just 15 minutes walking from the city centre of town Pardubice, Czech Republic. The formal solution is succinct. The resulting picture almost picturesque.

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 1

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 3

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 3

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 4

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 5

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 6

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 7

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 12

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 8

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 9

Black Flying House H3T Architekti 10

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