Cafe Crust by Ignitus Architectural Studio

Cafe Crust by Ignitus Architectural Studio

We encounter at the Cafe Crust, an unique approach expressed by a contrast design, a project made by Ignitus Architectural Studio in Ahmadabad, India. Once entered in this cafe, you will feel like you have stepped into another world, the ambiance is not connected with anything from the outside world. The lights in contrast with the black background of the ceiling give the cafe a mysterious appearance, rather specific to the ancient temples. The yellow lights substitute the lit torches that, inevitably leads the imagination. The walls and the black ceiling blur and leave aside any trace of agitation of the city and create an enigmatic and impressive atmosphere that is somehow imposing. Excepting the chairs, whose bodies are made of black polymer and have feet of pine, the rest of the furniture, including the wall decorations are entirely made of pine wood.

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The ambience created by the contrast between black and white, turn the Cafe Crust, into a place where time and space seem to blur. Without specifically targeting a particular clientage, the café seems to address ritualistically to all those who love coffee and find moments of peace and relaxation when they serve it. Having a modern design, Crust seems in the same time connected to a historical time, the architects have managed to design a temple that worships coffee.

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