Hospitality ArchitectureCasa Flora in Venice / Design-Apart

Casa Flora in Venice / Design-Apart

Casa Flora in Venice Design-Apart

Located on the canals of Venice, the newly unveiled Casa Flora is a short-term holiday rental with a boutique hotel feel.

In the summer of 2015 a group of six students from design school such as New York’s Parson School of Design, Milan’s Domus Academy and Venice’s IUAV was invited to Venice for a design residence under the guidance of Arch. Matteo Ghidoni, Diego Paccagnella e Stefano Micelli.

During this period the design concept was born. Venice needs to rethink its tourism system and hotels need to find ways to bring life to a contemporary city that despite mass tourism still exists.

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A feasibility study first, followed by an executive plan grounded Casa Flora from the design board to reality. In the developing process, Casa Flora embraced also new meanings. It became a space for local design companies to work together, for young designers to show their expertise and demonstrate their talents, for emerging chefs to propose traditional dishes in contemporary forms. After two years of work Casa Flora finally, opens its door.


Casa Flora is much more then just the usual apartment that you rent in Venice. Born as a creative and entrepreneurial partnership between the Romanelli hotelier Family and the cutting edge platform Design-Apart, Flora is the perfect home for the design savvy traveler. Interior products are strictly made in Italy and all custom made for the house. Some original services carefully designed for guests will offer the possibility to experience the most hidden qualities of Venice. Photography by Valentina Sommariva

dining room

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