Casa Zaire in Porto / Paulo Moreira Architectures

Casa Zaire in Porto / Paulo Moreira Architectures

Project: Casa Zaire
Architects: Paulo Moreira Architectures
Team: Paulo Moreira, Hermínio Santos, Cecilia Tarantino, Andrea Ferro, Elena Borghese, Nora Klinger
Builder: Manuel Sousa Costa
Location: Porto, Portugal
Area: 30 m2
Year of realization: 2018
Photo Credits: Ivo Tavares Studio
Text by Paulo Moreira Architectures

Casa Zaire is a tiny house situated at the rear of a modernist building in Rua do Zaire, Porto. Its isolated position in relation to the street and to urban life led us to interpret this small building as an autonomous ‘object’. On the ground floor, our intervention consisted of reshaping the connections between the hall, bathroom and living area. The kitchen, side balcony and stairs connecting to the upper level were placed along the outer walls, freeing up the central space for a small dining table. The tiled flooring was kept despite its ‘worn’ look.

kitchen / Paulo Moreira Architectures

Various adjustments and improvements were made to the bathroom using simple and affordable materials. Small gestures create empathy between the architecture and the mundane objects of day-to-day existence.

kitchen / Paulo Moreira Architectures

In the bedroom, a level difference was created, allowing storage areas to be optimised and the bed to be repositioned. Particular attention was dedicated to the textures and materiality, producing unexpected relationships between the materials.

Casa Zaire in Porto / Paulo Moreira Architectures

The transformation of this tiny hidden house, where the porter of the main building once lived, has brought it back to life.

dining room / Paulo Moreira Architectures

stair / Paulo Moreira Architectures

bedroom / Paulo Moreira Architectures

Casa Zaire in Porto / Paulo Moreira Architectures

bathroom / Paulo Moreira Architectures

Casa Zaire in Porto / Paulo Moreira Architectures

Casa Zaire in Porto / Paulo Moreira Architectures

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