Chalet Magog: A Luxurious Lakeside Retreat Designed by Interior Designer Mélodie Violet

Chalet Magog / Interior Designer Mélodie Violet
Project: Chalet Magog
Designer: Imagine by Mélodie Violet
Location: Magog, Canada
Photographer: Studio CRBN

Imagine presents Chalet Magog, a luxurious lakeside retreat featuring modern elegance that blends with rustic charm as a true ode to natural serenity. This is the essence of the Magog project, a creation by Mélodie Violet, a renowned interior designer and owner of Imagine, a design studio specializing in high-end renovations.

Nestled on the lakeshore, this 280m² chalet offers an immersive forest experience with an optimized layout, large openings to the outdoors, and refined interior details.

The chalet’s generous windows frame mesmerizing vistas, infusing the interior with abundant natural light that accentuates a décor predominantly characterized by wood. The incorporation of maple panels and pine cladding harmoniously blends contemporary sophistication with the rustic charm intrinsic to chalet living, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the space.

Chalet Magog / Interior Designer Mélodie Violet

At the heart of this haven is a central fireplace, both understated and imposing, which elegantly separates the cozy living room from the winter garden, thus creating distinct living spaces, while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere. The custom fittings, from ingenious storage solutions to elegant furniture, are designed to perfectly meet the needs of a modern family lifestyle.

Every detail has been meticulously considered, from sculptural light fixtures to a soothing color palette, contributing to making this chalet a peaceful and refined retreat, and a true sanctuary in the heart of nature.

The Magog project exemplifies Imagine’s mastery in designing living spaces that surpass conventional standards by seamlessly integrating modern aesthetics with timeless appeal. Mélodie Violet has skillfully curated a space that resonates deeply with the soul, where every component cohesively comes together to facilitate meaningful life experiences. The Magog chalet stands as a testament to reimagining the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, setting a new benchmark for harmonious living amidst natural surroundings.

living area

living area

living room



dining room


bedroom, Chalet Magog / Interior Designer Mélodie Violet

home office, Chalet Magog / Interior Designer Mélodie Violet


bathtube, Chalet Magog / Interior Designer Mélodie Violet

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