Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

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Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

Project: Treetop House – Contemporary Penthouse Home
Designer: Arent & Pyke
Location: Sydney, Australia
Year 2018
Photographer: Anson Smart

The material diversity of stone and felt, timber and colour are drawn together as harmonious elements in this contemporary penthouse home. Delivering refined luxury that is tactile, warm and without clutter, an emphasis has been placed on spatial harmony, colour, and detail. With an abundance of light flooding the apartment from the full height windows and skylight, creating human-scaled areas for dining, lounging and entertaining were key.

Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

Clutter-free and seemingly spare joinery is warm and inviting thanks to the use of tactile finishes. The monumental stone island defining the kitchen responds directly to the client’s brief for a highly contemporary living experience. At the same time, the colour adds a complexity to the palette, while detailing is refined and highly tactile. Bespoke brass handles were developed in collaboration with Henry Wilson. The Butler’s pantry delivers an abundance of concealed appliances, while beautiful craftsmanship delivers a jewel-like interior. In the master bedroom, oak and felt linings within the walk-in-robe provide a beautiful dressing experience.

Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

Furnishings, colour and sculptural form have been used to define spaces within an aesthetically cohesive whole. Contemporary purchases and reupholstered classic pieces deliver the high level of comfort our clients are accustomed to. The palest of pale pink drapes add warmth while tempering the superabundance of light. Rich chocolate and caramel tones, with shades of pink and blue in the furnishings and rugs, work to provide tonal contrasts and harmony. As always, lighting plays a dual role, with sculptural pendants defining the living spaces.

kitchen, Arent & Pyke

dining room, Arent & Pyke

living room, Arent & Pyke

living room, Arent & Pyke

Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

bedroom, Arent & Pyke

Contemporary Penthouse Home in Sydney by Arent & Pyke

home office, Arent & Pyke

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